Shooting AND Editing COURSE

The Shooting and Editing Course is exactly what you need to increase the quality of your work. Follow the steps I teach and FINALLY start getting the images you've dreamed of! Whether you're brand new or have been shooting for a while, these steps WORK! You'll be shocked with how quickly your portfolio changes!

Plus, these bonuses:
+ BTS from real photo sessions
+ 'Edit with Me' Masterclass
+ Foolproof File Management Masterclass

$390 One payment 

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get it now!

3 payments of $140

it's time to finally create

beautiful & consistent images 

(that you've been trying to achieve!)

GET THE shooting & editing course FOR $390! 

All photographers can produce quality work with a branded style - BUT There's something keeping them from doing it...



They just don't know how to get their images to look like the pros 

They don't know how to use their cameras, lighting or editing to create the beautiful images they so badly want.

Imposter syndrome is keeping them from trying new things!

Can you relate? Don't worry...I've found a fix for these problems.

- introducing -


Enroll today and take better photos by the weekend!


Over 6 hours of lessons

Through a combination of face to face video lessons, screenshares and behind the scenes examples you'll master the art of producing quality work! Consistency can be achieved and your photography style can be defined!

Shooting modules

You'll learn the basics of shooting in manual mode to give you control of your photos' outcome. This module walks you through lighting, background choice and composition, as well as how to shoot indoors (with natural light OR a flash!).

Editing Modules

Having the right tools are important, but understanding how to use them is vital! Discover how to import, cull and overall edit a session from start to finish. You'll understand how to use advanced editing like radial, linear and AI editing as well!



Inside this masterclass we walk through the best ways to organize, store, and back-up our RAWs and final images from our photo sessions!


I'll be sharing my screen as I edit this gorgeous Mountainside Maternity Session. You'll get the inside scoop on how I created glowing images for this soon to be mama of 3! It's a dreamy edit from start to finish!

all for only $390? yes! I need this!

Stop shooting with the intention to fix it in your edit!

Capture stunning photos in-camera and shorten your editing process.

How would your PHOTOGRAPHY BUSINESS be different if you could...

FINALLY capture photos you're proud of!

Understand how to shoot confidently in any lighting scenario.

Create beautiful images IN-CAMERA, before even getting into editing!

Edit like a pro for that polished, professional look!

RAISE your prices to match your new quality of work!

yes, i need this!

i know this all sounds great, but...

Why should you trust me?

I don't just teach this stuff...I USE it! The steps I teach are used in my very own sessions. (Don't worry, I'd never teach something that isn't something tried and true in my own business first.)

I have been where you are!! I've been there. I remember feeling so frustrated because I knew the style I wanted, but just didn't know how to get my photos to look like that.

This system works for other real humans. I've now taught hundreds of students how to confidently use their cameras, find beautiful lighting, and edit like a pro to finally get the photos they've dreamed of!

I'm a NICE person! I'm a wife, a mommy, and a family photographer myself. I have a passion for encouraging and serving other photographers whenever I can. When you sign up for any of my courses, a cheerleader (ME) comes with it!

GET ACCESS TO the shooting and editing COURSE NOW! 

meet rebecca

Rebecca is a Photographer & Educator who helps photographers find financial freedom through profitable mini-sessions.

Hey friend! I'm Rebecca, a Texas-turned-Tennessee girl who loves hot chocolate and could eat pizza every day! As a wife, a mom of two littles, and a photography educator, I sure keep myself busy!

I've grown TWO photography businesses to 6-figures from the ground up. Along the way I learned so much, love getting to share those lessons with photographers like you from around the world! I've got a passion for helping photographers gain a life of FREEDOM through a thriving photography business, and this course is a way to do just that!

I want you to know that I'm more than just a girl behind the screen. I'm a real person who has been there and is ready to walk alongside you through this journey! I'm not one of those educators who sells you a course and then leaves you high and dry. I'll be there to support you every step of the way!

Ready? Let's get started!

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